Tiki Bar Review #42 Bootlegger Tiki Palm Springs, CA

Bootlegger Tiki Palm Springs

One room.

Four booths.

Six bar stools.

And a plethora of amazing Tiki cocktails!

This is Bootlegger Tiki and if you’re in Palm Springs, you need stop by…

I tend to dig the smaller, more intimate Tiki bars. Bootlegger Tiki’s décor is simple, but effective.

Bootlegger Tiki Palm Springs

Bootlegger Tiki Palm Springs

All the walls are covered in bamboo matting and the room is very dark. You will need a couple seconds for your eyes to adjust!

Bootlegger Tiki Palm Springs

If you’re lucky, this gentleman will be behind the bar…

Chad Austin - Bootlegger Tiki
Chad Austin – Bootlegger Tiki

His name is Chad Austin and he is the man who came up with most of the original Tiki cocktails on the menu. This Tiki drink menu is updated constantly, it’s up to Vol. 6 as I type this.

Tiki drinks at Bootlegger Tiki
Tiki drinks at Bootlegger Tiki

If there was one drink to order at Bootlegger Tiki, it would be the Pod Thai…

Pod Thai Bootlegger Tiki
Pod Thai Bootlegger Tiki

A key component of this drink is basil, so it’s good for you! I don’t know how healthy the drink is, but damn it’s tasty!

This drink may or may not be on the menu, but ask for it anyway. It’s called a Demerara Dry Float…

Demerara Dry Float at Bootlegger Tiki
Demerara Dry Float at Bootlegger Tiki

The best way to describe this drink is by asking a question: “Do you like SweeTarts?” If you answered yes, then you’ll love this drink!

And it comes with a shot of “Danger.”

Since Bootlegger Tiki is small, I recommend going as early as possible. Things get crazier as the night progresses. But if you go early, the vibe is really chill and you get to hang out with cool people like Angelina and Antonio…

Angelina and Antonio enjoying their Pod Thai's at Bootlegger Tiki
Angelina and Antonio enjoying their Pod Thai’s at Bootlegger Tiki

They were both enjoying a Pod Thai and hopefully you can enjoy one as well.

Here is Bootlegger Tiki’s website

And Facebook page

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