Tiki Blogging #7 Cult Of George

Cult Of George Blog George Koroneos

Punk rock, wrestling, comics and tiki!

It’s awesome to discover other people that are into Tiki. It’s even better when there are other commom interests as well. I came across the blog: Cult Of George and I knew imediatley that I met a kindred spirit. George Koroneos, the man behind Cult Of George writes about wrestling, punk, metal, comics and Tiki bars. All things that I love as well! I grew up in Pennsylvania right next to New Jersey where George lives. I have a feeling that we have been to some of the same rock shows over the years. I live out in Seattle now but hopefully our paths will cross again at a Tiki bar real soon. I will let George take it from here…

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Tiki VIP #31 Nadia Reddy- Author Of Tiki ABC (The first Tiki children’s picture book in the world!)

Tiki ABC

Hey Gang! I would like you to meet Nadia Reddy. She wrote and illustrated the first Tiki children’s picture book ever! It’s called Tiki ABC. The story is simple, Nadia wanted a children’s Tiki picture to read to her baby. She searched around and found that none existed, so she wrote her own. I love that! If you want something and it doesn’t exist, create it yourself. Here is Nadia’s story…

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Tiki VIP #30 Tony Canepa-Tiki Artist

Tony Canepa

If you live in Seattle and have spent some time at Rumba or The Diller Room you have seen Tony Canepa’s artwork. It’s truly beautiful! Tony used to live in Seattle but has since moved down to Austin Texas. It sounds like there isn’t much Tiki going on down there but maybe Tony’s tiki art will give someone inspiration to build something great! Here is Tony’s story…

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Tiki Bar Review #46 Kapu Hut – McMenamins North Bank Eugene, OR

Kapu Hut McMenamins North Bank

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you know about McMenamins.

McMenamins restores old, classic, historical buildings and turns them into brewpubs, movie theaters, restaurants, and music venues. They do a really great job of maintaining the integrity of the buildings and the food and drinks are great! But what you may not know is that they also build Tiki bars…

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