One thought on “Tiki With Ray Episode 1: Yacht Rock, Jimmy Buffett and Tiki

  1. Jason Craig

    So, I’m super delinquent in watching this and commenting, but wish I could’ve joined that conversation! In my mind and soul, Tiki music overlaps Beach Music, but they are far away from one and the same. Hearing most Jimmy Buffet, Bob Marley, the Beach Boys, etc. in a Tiki Bar ruins it for me. Tiki Bars are the idealized beach/shore/island life after dark, and that is the daytime music. It isn’t dark and mysterious enough. Also, I’m general against lyrics in Tiki music. If not fully instrumental, I’d prefer limited vocals, grunts, guttural noises and chants, or exotic and transportive vocals, like a Yma Sumac. Instrumental music, or music that is instrument forward with more primal vocals lends itself better to conversation and conversation. It gives the experience some guidance without being a narrowing funnel. That said, there is some more contemplative and nautically themed Jimmy Buffet I’m okay with, like “A Pirate Looks at 40”, that won’t kill my Tiki bar experience, but I don’t want to hear all vintage surf rock either, even though I love much of it. Instrumental, exotic, transportive and moody for the win!

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