Tiki Bar Review #35 The Jungle Bird Sacramento, CA

The Jungle Bird
The Jungle Bird

When I arrived at the Jungle Bird in downtown Sacramento, I didn’t know if I was at the right place…

Jungle Bird entrance
Jungle Bird entrance

I checked and re-checked the address: 2516 J Street. Yes, the address was correct, but where was the Tiki bar? I could hear that something was going on behind the door. People were inside. I could hear talking and laughing. Then I heard the theme song to Gilligan’s Island. Yes indeed, I had arrived at the Jungle Bird…

The bar at the Jungle Bird

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Hula Hula Grand Re-Opening! Capitol Hill Seattle, WA

Hula Hula Capitol Hill Seattle WA

My how time flies…

It was one year ago, almost to the week. I was at Hula Hula chatting with the bartender. She had good news and bad news.

The bad news was that Hula Hula was closing because the building was getting leveled for new development. The good news was that Hula Hula would live again in a new location. The owners just needed to find the right place…

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Tiki Bar Review #30 Trader Vic’s Emeryville, CA

Trader Vic's

And then there were two…

As I write this post, there are only two remaining Trader Vic’s locations in America. One in Atlanta, GA and the other in Emeryville, CA. Back in the ’50s/’60s during the height of Tiki popularity, there were around 25! What happened? Well, tastes changed. But if there is one word to describe a Trader Vic’s restaurant, that word would be HUGE! Imagine trying to maintain a large space with many rooms filled with various Tiki artifacts. It’s a miracle such a place is still around! That’s why visiting Trader Vic’s in Emeryville, CA was a big deal for me. It could all be gone tomorrow…

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Tiki VIP #17 Jason Alexander (Tacoma Cabana)

Jason Alexander

I’ll never the forget the first time I set foot in Tacoma Cabana.

Standing behind the bar was this dude wearing an Aloha shirt and fez on his head. I didn’t know anything about this guy, but he had a presence to him that made him really stand out. Without saying a word, the message was clear: I’m here to make Tiki cocktails and trust me, they will blow you away. This man was and is Jason Alexander. He is the owner of Tacoma Cabana. Let’s get to know Jason a little bit more…

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Tiki Bar Review #28 Otto’s Shrunken Head, NYC

Otto's Shrunken Head

Hey, this used to be Barmacy!

When I first walked into Otto’s Shrunken Head, I felt like I’d been there before. I lived in New York back in the early 2000s and before Otto’s was Otto’s, it used to be Barmacy. Barmacy was a bar that was supposed to be a pharmacy that turned into a bar. Pretty interesting idea, but a Tiki bar is so much cooler!

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