Tiki VIP #29 Blair Reynolds – BG Reynolds Syrups

Blair Reynolds BG Reynolds Syrups

I remember making my first Mai-Tai…

The recipe called for Orgeat syrup. Back then I had no idea what this was, I just knew I needed it to make myself a Mai-Tai. I took a trip down to the local supermarket, found the isle that sold syrups and bought a bottle. My Mai-Tai was ok but it didn’t taste nearly as good one I would order at a Tiki bar. I couldn’t believe that one ingredient could totally alter the taste of a drink. This is where Blair Reynolds comes in handy, well actually his company BG Reynolds Syrups. BG Reynolds makes every type of syrup you need to make any Tiki drink you want. Not only will your drinks taste incredible but your Tiki drinks will taste correct. Let’s get to know Blair a little bit more…

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Tiki Bars—Even Better Than The Real Thing!

Mai-Kai Gardens

I was sipping a Mai-Tai at Foundation with my good friend Lisa. Lisa loves Disney World and was excited about her upcoming trip to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. She has a family and everyone is coming along!

Ray and Lisa at Foundation
Ray and Lisa at Foundation

Now, Lisa lives in Milwaukee and what I’ve heard is that Cancun is the most popular tropical destination for Mid-Westerners. I asked Lisa what she thought about traveling to Cancun for vacation. She said she would much rather vacation at Disney. What about the Caribbean, or the Florida Keys for that matter? Lisa still preferred Disney. Lisa had my curiosity now. Why would she prefer somewhere that is completely made up over going to an actual tropical destination?

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Secret Tiki Escapes – Episode 1: The Cave Of Kungaloosh

Behind the scenes Secret Tiki Escapes Episode 1 The Cave Of Kungaloosh

I am very happy and proud to present to you all the first episode of Secret Tiki Escapes! This show is a collaboration between BossaNova Life, Sveinn Photography, and yours truly, Tiki With Ray. In each episode, we visit a home Tiki bar, talk to the owner, have a Tiki drink or two, and Sveinn does a photo shoot with a pinup model.

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