Home Tiki Bar Spotlight #25 The Tiki Hut Yucaipa, CA


The Tiki Hut

Most people build home Tiki bars to escape to a tropical paradise and sip Mai-Tais. When Erich Troudt built his Tiki escape, he had other plans. Erich doesn’t drink, but he loves his cigars. Wanting a place to display his Tiki mugs and enjoy a cigar or two, Erich didn’t build a Tiki bar, he built a Tiki Hut! Here is Erich’s story…

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Tiki VIP #20 Sara Yasmin Shishegar (Sweet Siren Designs)

Sara Yasmin Shishegar Sweet Siren Designs

Pick an avenue that will make you money if you want to stay in the arts…

These are wise words from Sara Yasmin Shishegar’s father. Sara listened and did just that! She started Sweet Siren Designs. Sweet Siren Designs combines all of Sara’s lifelong interests like mermaids, the sea, monsters, and of course, Tiki! I’ll let Sara tell you what Sweet Siren Designs is all about…

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Tiki Blogging #4 The Tiki Chick

The Tiki Chick

When I first decided to start a Tiki blog, I searched the web to see what other Tiki blogs were out there. I wanted to see what various Tiki topics I could write about. The one Tiki blog that stood out to me was the Tiki Chick. I liked that she traveled across the country checking out and writing about Tiki bars. Seeing that someone actually did the traveling inspired me to do the same. My life hasn’t been the same since! Here is The Tiki Chick’s backstory…

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The Fraternal Order of Moai (FOM)

FOM Fraternal Order Of Moai

The Fraternal Order Of Moai, better known as the FOM, is a secret society of Tikiphiles that started in Ohio and has grown across the country. If you have been on the Chicago Area Tiki Tour or attended OHANA: Luau at the Lake, you can thank the FOM. Not only does the FOM put together killer Tiki activities, they also do charity work. This secret society shouldn’t be a secret any longer. Here is what the Fraternal Order Of Moai is all about…

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