Tiki Kon 2017 Caribbean Castaway, Day One: The Wanna Be-52’s

The Wanna Be-52's live at Tiki Kon 2017 Caribbean Castaway Day One

Next up was not The B-52’s but The Wanna Be-52’s!

This incredible B-52’s tribute band features Tiki Kon’s own Justin DuPre! They rocked the house and played all the hits including Love Shack, Planet Claire and last but not least Rock Lobster! To quote Fred Schneider…. Let’s Rock!

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The Polynesian Islander Revue At The Mai Kai Fort Lauderdale, FL

Polynesian Islander Revue at The Mai Kai
Polynesian Islander Revue at The Mai Kai

Head on down to the Mai Kai in Fort Lauderdale, FL and for less than $15, you can be entertained by the Polynesian Islander Revue. The show is almost two hours of non-stop music, dancing, fire dancing and more! The coolest thing is you get to learn about Polynesian culture as you enjoy the show, eat, and drink. It doesn’t get much better than this. My buddy Dave Gittleman is a professional photographer and he got a ton of great shots of the show. Here’s a little taste of the action on stage at the Mai Kai!

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Tiki Kon 2016 Day 1

Tiki Kon 2016 display
Tiki Kon 2016 display

It has been a rainy year so far up in the Pacific Northwest. It’s no joke: it rains a lot, but usually things start to get nicer by May and the weather is perfect until October. Not this year. It’s already well into July and I’m driving through one rainstorm after another on my three-hour trek down from Seattle to Portland for Tiki Kon 2016. The Tiki lifestyle is all about escapism. I’m looking forward to a weekend of Tiki drinks and entertainment, room parties, and getting to see some home Tiki bars along the way. I’ll spoil the ending: Tiki Kon 2016 was a blast and for three days I forgot that it was the middle of July and I’m still wearing a raincoat!

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Tiki VIP #1 Tiki Brian of the Exotic Tiki Island Podcast


There are two things I love about Tiki bars: they create mood and they create an escape. When you live where the weather isn’t the greatest, it’s nice to have a place that you can go and forget about what’s going on outside. I live in Seattle and it’s all about escaping the rain. If you live in upstate New York, you want to get out of the snow. If you live in a city where all you see are buildings and sidewalks, maybe going somewhere that has palm trees—even fake ones—would be nice.

Tiki Brian is out of Baltimore and if you’ve ever been there, you know that it’s a tight city with small streets and big buildings. It’s truly the concrete jungle. If there ever was a place that could use an exotic escape, Baltimore would be it. Tiki Brian created an exotic escape by creating a podcast: the Exotic Tiki Island Podcast!

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