Tiki Field Report #10 1/28/17 Portland, OR Duke And Lola, No Bones Beach Club, Hale Pele, and Janu-waii Laua!

Ray TIm Sara Lola and Duke at Hale Pele
Ray TIm Sara Lola and Duke at Hale Pele

“Hey man! Next time you are planning a trip to Oregon, let us know. We would love to include you in one of our YouTube videos.”

And with this message, the start of an awesome day of Tiki in Portland OR began!

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Tiki Field Report #9 Tiki Rock Stars In San Fran! 11/25/16

Tiki Rock Stars at Smuggler's Cove
Tiki Rock Stars at Smuggler’s Cove

When I moved to Seattle from Pennsylvania over a decade ago, I told my parents I wouldn’t be coming home for the holidays. This wasn’t because I don’t love them, but because you always run the risk of dealing with snow and freezing rain during the winter. What I usually do is fly home during the spring or early fall. The weather is better and the flights are cheaper.

The holidays can be a little tough when all your friends are spending time with their families and my family is thousands of miles away. Instead of wondering how long to leave the turkey in the oven, I wonder where I’m going to put myself for the day. At first blush, this may sound depressing and lonely, but it’s actually quite liberating! I have a four days off during the Thanksgiving holiday. What should I do with them? Where should I put myself? I know: San Francisco!

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Tiki Field Report #8 The Mai Kai Fort Lauderdale, FL 9/13/16

Ray and Dave at The Mai Kai
Ray and Dave at The Mai Kai

You don’t know what humidity is until you go to Florida.

I just touched down in Fort Lauderdale and it’s so humid here that my glasses fog up as soon as I go outside. I flew in from Seattle on a six-hour flight and I’m here to do two things: visit the legendary Mai Kai and reconnect with my friend Dave who I haven’t seen since the early ’90s. Back in the day, we were heavily into skateboarding and punk rock. Time passed. I grew up to be a guy who blogs about Tiki bars and Dave became a professional photographer (Gittleman Studios). I made an offer to Dave: if he could take some pictures of the Mai Kai for me, I would pay for his drinks. It was a deal!

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Tiki Field Report #6 Tiki Night at Rumba Seattle 5/11/16

Rumba Tiki night menu
Rumba Tiki night menu

“I’ll stop the world and melt with you…”

Who out there remembers that classic ’80s tune from Modern English? I know two people for sure and a few nights ago they were sitting with me at Rumba Seattle. My friends Coco and Zak were going to see Modern English play at the Neumos, from which Rumba is only a few blocks away. I really only know that one song from Modern English, so I didn’t join them for the show. When I thought about it, I asked myself, “Did Modern English have any other hits?” I was talking with Zak and we came to the conclusion that if Modern English played their hit first, everyone would leave right afterwards!

It was Wednesday, which is Tiki Night at Rumba. I asked Coco and Zak if they’d want to meet up for some drinks before they head to the show. They said “Yes,” to which I said, “Great, it’s a date!”

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Tiki Field Report #5 Tacoma Cabana 5/6/16

Robyn and Hanjing at Tacoma Cabana
Robyn and Hanjing at Tacoma Cabana

“No, I have never been to (insert Tiki bar here)” may be one of my favorite things to hear. It’s always fun to take friends out for a good time at a Tiki bar, especially if they’ve never been to one. Friends will order drinks that are stronger than what they’re used to. People let their hair down and things are more fun because everyone is just a little bit more tipsy than usual. At the end of the night, if I can turn someone new onto Tiki bars, I’ve done my job.

I hadn’t seen my friends Hanjing and Chris for a long time. We all used to go rock climbing together a few years back. I was totally into climbing until I realized that I have a fear of heights and it never went away. I moved on to other interests, but Hanjing and Chris never stopped. Good for them!

I told Hanjing and Chris about Tacoma Cabana down in Tacoma. They were interested in going, but there was one condition: we were going to go climbing the next day. Fair enough. It would be cool to throw my climbing shoes on and hit the rocks again.

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Tiki Field Report #4 North Shore Lagoon Bothell, WA 5/13/16


North Shore Lagoon Menu
North Shore Lagoon Menu

I don’t think anyone loves McMenamins more than my good buddy Rob, well except maybe his wife Laura! Laura and Rob live in Portland and every time I go to visit them, we end up at a McMenamins somewhere. Rob was coming up to Seattle for a concert, so he wanted to check out McMenamins Anderson School.

The North Shore Lagoon is part of McMenamins Anderson School in Bothell, WA. McMenamins converted an entire school campus into a hotel, a movie theater, a convention center, a fine dining restaurant, a pub, and of course, a Tiki bar. The entire place is pretty awesome. The North Shore Lagoon is in the building where the swimming pool was (or should I say, still is). The bar sits above the pool. You can enjoy a Zombie and look down and watch people swim. This is my review of the North Shore Lagoon if you want to learn about the bar itself.

North Shore Lagoon Tables
North Shore Lagoon Tables

After Rob’s flight into Seattle, I picked him up and we headed up to Bothell. It was during rush hour, so it took some time to get up there. However, good things come to those who wait. We arrived at Anderson School. I gave Rob the tour of the grounds and then we got down to business at the North Shore Lagoon…

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