Tiki Blogging #8 Tiki Triangle – Justin Cristaldi

Tiki Triangle Justin Cristaldi

Tiki Triangle is my East Coast tiki connection …

Justin Cristaldi lives in New Jersey and blogs about all the tiki things going on in the Tri-State area. What I love most about Justin’s blog Tiki Triangle, is that he gives straight-up honest reviews of tiki bars and always recommends what you should and shouldn’t order. I have a soft spot in my heart for New Jersey’s three Chinese tiki bars: Lee’s, Chan’s Dragon Inn and Lun Wah, and you can find Justin hanging out drinking a Mai Tai at one of them. Here is Justin’s story …

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Tiki Blogging #7 Cult Of George

Cult Of George Blog George Koroneos

Punk rock, wrestling, comics and tiki!

It’s awesome to discover other people that are into Tiki. It’s even better when there are other commom interests as well. I came across the blog: Cult Of George and I knew imediatley that I met a kindred spirit. George Koroneos, the man behind Cult Of George writes about wrestling, punk, metal, comics and Tiki bars. All things that I love as well! I grew up in Pennsylvania right next to New Jersey where George lives. I have a feeling that we have been to some of the same rock shows over the years. I live out in Seattle now but hopefully our paths will cross again at a Tiki bar real soon. I will let George take it from here…

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Tiki Blogging #6 TikiTrail

Jeff Ballard - Tiki Trail

Living in Southern California, Jeff Ballard is at the epicenter of Tiki. There are tons of great Tiki bars all within a short drive of each other and Jeff makes a point to visit them as often as possible. Jeff also has a job that requires some traveling. When Jeff is on the road, or should I say “Tiki Trail,” he writes about his adventures on his blog aptly called the TikiTrail

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Tiki Blogging #4 The Tiki Chick

The Tiki Chick

When I first decided to start a Tiki blog, I searched the web to see what other Tiki blogs were out there. I wanted to see what various Tiki topics I could write about. The one Tiki blog that stood out to me was the Tiki Chick. I liked that she traveled across the country checking out and writing about Tiki bars. Seeing that someone actually did the traveling inspired me to do the same. My life hasn’t been the same since! Here is The Tiki Chick’s backstory…

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Tiki Blogging #3 Adventures In Tiki

Angelica Navarro - Adventures In Tiki

Texas is big—really BIG!

There’s more to the Lone Star State than oil drills and cowboys. There’s also Tiki! You just have to know where to look. Luckily, we have Angelica Navarro. If anything Tiki is going on in Texas, she’s going to know! Angelica lives deep in the heart of Dallas and she writes about her Tiki adventures in her blog appropriately called…

Adventures In Tiki!

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Tiki Blogging #2 The Meek Tiki

Ports Of Call

Minneapolis may be one of the coldest cities in the country. People have to plug in their car radiators to keep them warm so they don’t explode! This is where Lucas Mark calls home. Lucas is the man behind the Meek Tiki, his blog which chronicles his adventures into the Tiki lifestyle in his neck of the woods and beyond! Let’s get to know Lucas a little better…

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