Tiki VIP #24 Jason T. Smith (Thrift Hunters and Thrifty Business)


Jason T. Smith

Jason T. Smith was ten years old when he made a realization that would change his life forever. For forty bucks, he could buy five times as many toys used instead of buying them new. And what young Jason wanted was MORE toys instead of new toys! Fast forward to now and Jason T. Smith has made a living by thrifting. Read on to find out how…

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Home Tiki Bar Spotlight #28 The Drunken Monkey So-Cal, CA

The Drunken Monkey

Jason Turnbaugh lives in the most perfect place to embrace the Tiki lifestyle: Southern California. Within a couple hours, Jason can be in Palm Springs, San Diego, or Los Angeles. Jason takes full advantage of his location and frequently visits all the cool Tiki bars So-Cal has to offer. When it came time to put together the Drunken Monkey, Jason pulled his influences from all these cool Tiki spots. Needless to say, his place is amazing! Here is how the Drunken Monkey came together…

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Charles Phoenix: The Ambassador Of Americana

Charles Phoenix

“I don’t want to live back in time, I just want to be able to touch it.”

– Charles Phoenix

I couldn’t agree more! I don’t know if living back in the ’50s and ’60s would be any “better” than living in the present, but damn, did it look great!

I’ve always felt that Kodachrome pictures are the closest thing you can get to a time machine. The colors are so rich and the pictures have so much depth that they make you feel like you were the one behind the camera taking them. Charles Phoenix collects Kodachrome slides and puts on presentations showing off his collection. Words can’t describe how fun and entertaining Charles’s slideshow is. You just have to go see for yourself!

I had a chance to chat with Charles while he was driving his car around sunny California. Here is his story…

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Home Tiki Bar Spotlight #27 The Bungalow Seattle, WA

The Bungalow Seattle WA

In 2007, Sarah and Robb met for the first time in Austin, Texas and started dating.

In 2009, Sarah moved up to Seattle to be with Robb, full-time.

In 2014, Robb proposed to Sarah on top of the Fairmount Hotel. She said yes!

That was July. They celebrated by drinking Tiki drinks at The Tonga Room!

In October of 2014, they moved into a beautiful bungalow in Ballard and created a perfect Mid-Century home.

Then they decided they needed a Tiki bar, so they turned their porch into the Bungalow.

More importantly, Sarah and Robb got married in 2016! I will let Robb fill in the blanks below…

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Tiki Blogging #6 TikiTrail

Jeff Ballard - Tiki Trail

Living in Southern California, Jeff Ballard is at the epicenter of Tiki. There are tons of great Tiki bars all within a short drive of each other and Jeff makes a point to visit them as often as possible. Jeff also has a job that requires some traveling. When Jeff is on the road, or should I say “Tiki Trail,” he writes about his adventures on his blog aptly called the TikiTrail

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